CenterTrac is an efficient communication system used by All Can Read LLC that emails parents summaries of their student's sessions with their academic therapist. Each report discusses the material covered and gives any homework that is assigned.

Here is a sample report:

Session Entry Date: 2/1/10
Length: 1 hour
Subject: One-on-one individualized reading instruction
Energy : High
Preparation : 4 – Completed Homework assigned
Progress : 4 – Achieved Fluency
Instructor: Ms. Watkins
Session Note: Mark is now able to recognize 3-letter blends and up to six sounds in a closed syllable (sprint, scrap).
Today we reviewed the Welded sounds
ang, ank, ing, ink, ong, onk, ung, unk
Homework: Student Workbook Page 15 to Page 20. Make sure that Mark taps out his sounds using correct fingers. Student Reader: scoop and read sentences on page 23.


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